Nonprofit Leadership Workshop


Leadership Workshop

MAC is partnering with Capacity Canada to deliver a training workshop designed to help organization and community leaders to build capacity and resiliency. 


Participants will learn how to use the tools of human-centered design


During this three-hour workshop, Capacity Canada will introduce ways in which Muslim-led nonprofit organizations can reflect on their strengths and identify opportunities for leaders to build organizational capacity and resiliency. In this interactive session, participants will use the tools of human-centered design thinking to collaborate on ways to strengthen their organizations across a variety of dimensions. 


Date: Sunday, September 3, 2023

Receive a Certification

Learn about Capacity Canada's approach to organizational assessment

Discover common challenge areas faced by organizations during the assessment process

Work collaboratively with peers to explore specific ways to find and act on opportunities to enhance their impact

Experience using some of the human-centered design tools to address complex challenges that organizations face