Lightning Talk Competition

MAC 'Tug-of-Words :
Lightning Talk competition

إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ رَبِّى وَرَبُّكُمْ فَٱعْبُدُوهُ ۗ هَـٰذَا صِرَٰطٌۭ مُّسْتَقِيمٌۭ

Surely Allah is my Lord and your Lord. So worship Him ˹alone˺. This is the Straight Path.’”

Surat al-Imran, v.51, Qur’an

MAC 'Tug-of-Words: Lightning Talk Competition'

MAC ‘Tug-of-Words: Lightning Talk Competition’ aims to provide our youth with a platform to convey their ideas in the most engaging manner, much like a TED Talk, allowing our community to reach a vast audience most effectively; thus encouraging a strong Muslim media presence which will, in turn, ensure a more accurate representation of our Community as well as Islam to the rest of the world.


What is a Lightning Talk?


The speaker conveys a message to the audience via an engaging talk, characterized by a fast paced delivery using slides as a visual aid. Each slide is displayed for a maximum of 30 seconds (i.e. 20 slides for 10 min talk or 10 slides for 5 min talk). The contestants will be assessed on the effectiveness of their delivery, the flow of their presentation, their ability to keep the audience engaged as well as content of the talk and its relevance to the theme of the convention.

Competition Rubric:

Participant submissions will be judged based on content & presentation: Content Elements: Research & Preparation; Islamic Connection; Relation to the Theme; Originality; 

Presentation Elements: Language & Communication; Delivery; Engagement.


 The competition is composed of three stages:

1. Written Submission

In accordance with the guidelines provided (to be added soon) the contestants will be expected to send in their written scripts by a certain date (suggested deadline June 15) for a preliminary screening of the content. All approved submissions will be invited to purchase their tickets as a confirmation of their entry into the competition (alternatively, the approved contestants will need to make a payment to confirm entry into the competition).

2. First Round

This will held at the convention in a separate area, away from the the main hall, in front of a panel of judges. The judges will assess the contestants via rubric (to be added soon) and the top 3 finalists will be announced, moving to the final round. Judges will provide feedback to the finalists as a means of improvement for the final round. 

3. Final Round

This part of the competition will be held in the main hall, providing a live audience to the finalist. The judges will continue to assess them based on the rubric (to be added soon), revised for the final round (will incorporate the judges’ feedback from the previous round). This round will include an audience vote as well. Based on the results from the judges as well as the audience the winner will be announced.


Written submission – June 20 11:59 PM

Round 1 – July 1st

Final Round – July 3rd 


The winner will be invited to have his/her talk recorded/ produced at the new MAC Studio. In addition to that, a monetary prize will be awarded.

Submission Guidelines

By clicking the ‘YES’ button, you agree to the following terms:

1. Participants must be between the ages of 16-25 years. 

2. Purchase a ticket to the convention (alternatively, there could be a charge to enter the competition, in which case contestants won’t need a ticket to the conference).

3. Submit the written script of the talk prior to the convention for screening. 

4. Be present throughout the competition to be able to perform. Judges will not be assessing the written part of the submissions.

5. Agree that the competition judges and committee have the right to disallow a contestant to perform at the convention if it feels the content is not aligned with MAC’s principles.

6. Submit a talk that fits the theme and is original. Applicants may not forge, plagiarize, or violate copyright laws in the creation of their artwork, otherwise, the entries will automatically be disqualified.

7. Ensure that their submission fulfills the Content Guidelines (to be provided soon).


Competition is now closed